Live Virtual Newly Elected County Commissioners Training  Wednesday December 16, 2020

1:00pm  Valuable Resources Available
Kendell Culp, IACC President and Jasper County Commissioner
Stephanie Yager, Executive Director In Association of County Commissioner (IACC)
David Bottorff, Executive Director Association of Indiana Counties (AIC)
Richard Domonkos, Program Manager In Local Technical Assistance Program (IN LTAP)

Attendees will learn about the many valuable resources that the IACC provides and meet valuable partners that will assist you along your journey as leaders in your county.

1:30pm Overview of Duties and Responsibilities of County Commissioners
Richard Hall, IACC General Counsel with Barnes & Thornburg

This session will cover an overview of duties and responsibilities of County Commissioners. Each participate will be provided a 2020 “County Commissioners Handbook” that is intended to provide a summary of the particular topics important to County Commissioners.

2:15pm Open Door Law….Keeping it Legal
Luke Britt, Indiana Public Access Counselor

This session will discuss both of the Indiana Public Access Laws, the Open-Door Law and Access to Public Records Act, including common pitfalls and mistakes made by public agencies in attempting to comply.

3:00pm Break

3:15pm Roles and Responsibilities of Commissioners in the Budget and Claims Process
Jacque Clements, AIC Director of Professional Development and Corporate Relations

Congratulations! You’re a new commissioner! Or maybe a veteran in search of a better understanding of the budget and claims processing processes. In any case, this session will focus on who’s who and the roles they play in the budget process. It will also educate attendees of the duties you oversee in the payment of claims made against the county.

4:00pm Legislative Literacy.
Jacob German, Barnes & Thornburg Attorney and IACC Lobbyist

Your participation in the legislative process is vital in advocating for your county. Attend this session and meet the IACC Legislative Team and learn your role in the legislative process. We will also review the IACC’s 2021 Legislative Priorities.