Who We Are....

    • The Indiana Association of County Commissioners was formed over 100 years ago to promote County Government and County Commissioners. We are a totally independent Association with a Board of Directors and a full time Executive Director. The Board is composed of five Executive Officers and the President and Vice-President of each of the six districts. This 17 member Board meets monthly and directs the activities of the Executive Director.
    • The MISSION of the Association is: To provide the best education and leadership support for our County Commissioners to strengthen their influence throughout Indiana. 


The MEMBERSHIP of the Association is made up of:

    • All 92 Counties in Indiana. Each County is a member for the benefit of its Commissioners and pays annual dues based on the County population.
    • Association Vendor members. Presently, the Association has approximately 150 Associate members.
    • Full Member: This is a statewide membership that includes a listing in the Directory, listing on the Web site, discount rates for the Annual Conference, the Newsletter, and inclusion in all other programs and events where appropriate. Annual Dues: $450.00.  

The Activities of the Association include:

    • Annual Conference: The Conference is held the first full week after Thanksgiving in Indianapolis. The conference gives all the Members a chance to come together, exchange ideas and experiences, and hear about new issues. 
    • Directory: The Association publishes a bound Directory each year that contains information similar to what is included in this Web site.
    • District Meetings: District Meetings are held in June. 
    • Workshops: It is the goal of the Board to hold at least two full day seminars for the benefit of its Members.