Commissioners Testify Before the Senate Local Government Committee

Montgomery County Commissioner John Frey(left) and Boone County Commissioner Jeff Wolf (right) testified before the Senate Local Government Committee in support of the Community Mental Health Centers bill that passed this session.  The bill was Authored by Rep. Donna Schaibley and Sponsored by Senator Phillip Boots(middle). The bill will ensure that the mandatory county distribution to their assigned CMHC will only grow at the same rate that the rest of the county budget is allowed to grow. For several years, these distributions were not subject to tax cap loss the way that the rest of county government was. The bill addresses that inequity while making sure that CMHC funding continues to be provided at a time that mental health and addiction services are so important to our communities. Also, the bill requires increased reporting to both the county and the state so there is a higher level of comfort that the distribution is being used appropriately.

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