• ICC supports the Governor’s State Public Health Commission and the ultimate goal of improving the state’s overall health and health outcomes. IACC supports the use of data to modernize public health services, and furthermore, IACC supports the state’s financial support of this effort. However, IACC supports an opt-out mechanism for the commissioners that do not want to participate in any or all programs established by the commission, without loss of current funding level.

  • ICC supports the review of the CMHC statutes and expansion of the CMHC boards to include a commissioners’ appointment from each county that is supported by the CMHC. Furthermore, the commissioners support a mechanism of accountability through metrics or budgetary review of dollars provided to CMHCs from county budgets.

  • ICC supports the defense Home Rule including, but not limited to, retaining the authority at the local level to control the development of land (zoning ordinances), adamantly oppose the pre-emption of local land use controls (i.e. short term rentals, mining, agricultural operations, utility installations, energy generation, public health, and multi-power sources) and monitor for erosion of local license and permitting fees and powers.

  • MVH fund flexibility. This specifically includes flexibility pertaining to the restrictions on Motor Vehicle Highway funds and potential percentage changes (from 50/50) and review of formula used for MVH distributions.

  • ICC supports responsible review and examination of current tax structures and tax policy. IACC does not support, however, the elimination of the 30% floor of the Business Personal Property Tax without a statutorily enumerated source of replace revenue, equaling or exceeding previous BPPT revenue. Any elimination or reduction of tax support to local government must be met with a direct replacement of state dollars and economic development benefits.