The governor’s office has launched a new statewide workforce development campaign called “One Stop to Start,” which aims to help Hoosiers find and access the best training programs and resources for their career goals. The campaign is funded by the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet and will raise awareness and accessibility of Indiana’s NextLevel Jobs Programs. The campaign’s website features an online navigation system that connects Hoosiers and employers with a team of dedicated navigators who can provide personalized guidance and support.

 'Our vision for ‘One Stop to Start’ is to ensure that Hoosiers are aware of and can access the programs that can lead them to a high-paying career,” Holcomb said in a statement. “There is a pathway for every Hoosier, and ‘One Stop to Start’ will help them explore the various options that suit their needs.”

 The campaign’s website also showcases the emerging and high-demand industries in Indiana, such as microelectronics and semiconductors, electric vehicles, advanced manufacturing and alternative energy production. It also highlights the critical needs for workers in health care, education, public safety and skilled trades.

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