ICC Statehouse Day Press Release

February 15, 2024

Indiana County Commissioners (ICC) Day at the Statehouse: Moving Forward Together
In an active display of collaboration and advocacy, the Indiana County Commissioners (ICC) Association Board of Directors and Legislative Committee recently convened at the Statehouse for a day dedicated to advancing their legislative priorities. With specific focus on protecting local decision making, ensuring access to mental health services, and more, ICC members engaged with key General Assembly leaders to champion the needs of Indiana counties.

At the heart of ICC's mission lies a commitment to providing top-notch education, leadership support, and advocacy services for county commissioners across Indiana. Under the notion "Stronger Counties for a Stronger Indiana," ICC serves as a vital conduit between local officials and the broader state government, advocating for policies that strengthen counties and uplift communities statewide.

“As County Executives, it is crucial for us to establish relationships with legislators to ensure that our local perspectives are considered during the law-making process,” states Kellie Streeter, ICC Board President and Knox County Commissioner. “Our association comprises a strong group of Commissioners from all over Indiana who provide valuable insights to the General Assembly.”

Local governments, and county governments in particular, play a pivotal role in delivering essential services to residents, ranging from justice and public safety to workforce preparedness and infrastructure maintenance. As such, decisions made by the Indiana General Assembly have profound impacts on county officials and their abilities to effectively serve the Hoosiers their communities.

Recognizing this, ICC leads efforts to enhance the state/county partnership, advocating for legislation that empowers counties to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Through legislative advocacy, informational updates, and strategic partnerships, ICC ensures that county leaders are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the evolving legislative landscape and serve their constituents with excellence.

The ICC board members engaged in strategic networking within the corridors and conference spaces of the statehouse, optimizing their time effectively. Of particular significance were their interactions with officials such as Governor Eric Holcomb, Speaker Huston and President Pro Tem Bray, Comptroller Elise Nieshalla, and State Treasurer Daniel Elliott.

“It’s important for ICC board members to meet with leaders in the General Assembly. These interactions provide a vital platform for advocating and advancing legislative priorities critical to the organization's mission and objectives”, states Stephanie Yager, ICC Executive Director. “Engaging directly with decision-makers, ICC board members can articulate the importance of specific policies and garner support to strengthen county voices throughout Indiana.”

ICC’s recent efforts at the Statehouse demonstrated the power of collaboration and collective action in advancing the interests of Indiana counties. Through meaningful dialogue and building strong relationships with state leaders, ICC members are paving the way for positive change and better governance.

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