About The Indiana County Commissioners

The Indiana County Commissioners (ICC) is a nonprofit organization established to provide the best education, leadership support, and advocacy services for our County Commissioners to strengthen their influence throughout Indiana. The objectives of the Association are: to promote cooperation of the county unit with all other units of local government, (cities, towns, township, etc.) and with state and federal agencies; and to promote improvement and efficiency in the delivery of county government services.
The various functions of the ICC include serving as liaison among counties, state and federal agencies, lobbying the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of County Commissioners, as well as providing technical assistance and training to county commissioners and support staff.  The ICC was formed over 100 years ago to promote County Government and County Commissioners. We are a totally independent Association with a Board of Directors and a full time Executive Director. The Board is composed of five Executive Officers and the President and Vice-President of each of the six districts. This 17 member Board meets monthly and directs the activities of the Executive Director.